Uncertain times

Uncertain times
draped by a slow cloth
fur lined silver
a golden strawberry vestibule
served on a frozen barley brandy
syrup extraction

lost in the drift of skulls
across a distant sky
jewels carried in the claws
of feathered fiends brief darting
messages for the ancient gods

wings melting in the
unbearable music in each prayer
short-lived empathy
stakes the wooded tree

the crying widow of the winds
calling crafted forgotten stories
stirred into the expression of lovers
as they twirl arms locked across the orate icing

The White Forest

Loose by the turned away fate
White twigs surround nocturnal urgent secrecy

That moment he can not feed you seems
stretched out like latex over sockets
the dream continues behind you,
the dance of light
it’s play on
upon the curtain the colours we steal
transpirings within backward motion
the art of long term thinking

that moment, that pause, its reality

Expecting Rain

steam residues of that lullaby summer
and now the forehead frowns upon us
forcing us into a corner
and the potential arises in a purple
rumble and velvet air

a few drops but it never really lets go
we exist in this tense vacuum
puffing out a chest for fear of reprisal
we live under umbrellas expecting dinosaur breath

but all we get is birdsong
a faint dissonance harvesting the trees of intent
and the near silence of a flutter
as a leaf surrenders its hand to mouth exertions
as the ground itself cries out

but then the deluge you needed to wash away suspicion
fails before darkness surrounds all that you saw