Nicholas Alexander, online



During the Blog era, I started a political blog, Disturbing Trends.

In life

I am interested in Philosophy and studied human nature at University. And would like to write more on the subject of a life philosophy.


Creativity is driven by accident.

Is online life a thought process? Does it enable the expression of creativity?

By working things out from basics and refinment is a constant work in progress. It is under constant revision, continuous improvement: illustrating a lazy frustration with technology - that can do clever things, but you have to dive deep. Behind technical development is a refinement of ideas, a focus on methods to do new things. The online world of the developer is a complex experience.

Incremental Change

This site is evolving from yet another CV site, to a personal statement, playground and place for experiments, to an online gallery experiment. It is not an exploration of new technology but an application of old techniques in a creative and incremental way. It is not a CMS, but using development experience in an expressive way. By version 1.0.0 this site may be remotely interesting. In the meantime I am just having some fun!